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Lawn & Garden Care: Tips & tricks for a beautiful yard

Starting Seeds in February

February 4, 2014 Written by Melinda Confrey

Are you getting anxious to start gardening? Geraniums, Wave Petunias, and Peppers can be started indoors in February! So you can start your seeds now.  If you don't already have all you need to start growing, shop now for your best selection of Gardening Supplies and Seeds.

Wave Petunias
Peppers - Hot
Peppers - Sweet

Fertilizing For Fall

October 18, 2013 Written by Melinda Confrey

fall fert

The fall fertilizer application is the most important one you do all year! Help get your lawn's roots protected for a long winters nap. Try 15-0-30 Winterizer on your lawn this fall. This fertilizer will deliver vital nutrients to survive our harsh winters, and help it to green up fast in the spring. Timing is very important however, and sometimes a bit tricky! Make sure to apply before the ground freezes up, and plant growth has stopped entirely. You want to ensure the lawn is still absorbing nutrients at time of application for best results. While you are at it, early fall is a great time to do re-seeding! Check out our grass seed mixes here. Keep all treated areas well watered to help with seed germination, and dispersal of your fall fertilizers. For more fall fertilizing advice you can call an expert at 306-931-1982 today!


Instead of bagging your leaves and sending them off to the landfill
you can compost them or use them as mulch to protect your perennials
from our winter elements.

Planting Fall Bulbs

October 18, 2013 Written by Melinda Confrey


Fall bulbs can be planted right up until the ground freezes so if you want some spring color plant your tulip bulbs this fall! Make sure all bulbs are well watered before freeze up. 
 If you want to have them flowering by Christmas, make sure to get them potted up in October.

Fall Gardening Seminar - Ken Beattie

September 20, 2013 Written by Andrea Early

Early's held a Fall Gardening Seminar at 2615 Lorne Ave. September 12, 2013. Ken Beattie spoke about bulbs: do's & don'ts of preparing your garden, bulb facts, gardening short cuts and other advice regarding perennials. Watch video clips from his talk:

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ken 1

Fall Lawn & Garden Tips

August 20, 2013 Written by Administrator

Fall is a great time to fertilize and overseed a lawn after the stress of summer. It is also a good time to start a new lawn as there is less competition from weeds and insects and minimal extreme heat. Whether it is a new lawn or an established one, chose a good slow release fertilizer such as Country Green Winterizer 15-0-30 or C.I.L. Golfgreen 12-0-18. Notice that those products are low in Nitrogen and high in Potash. This provides enough nutrients to get through winter and into spring and also provides disease resistance. 

There is no need to fertilize trees and shrubs at this time because it will stimulate growth and could potentially shock them when winter sets in.