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Lawn & Garden Care: Tips & tricks for a beautiful yard

Aphids - Identification & Treatment Options

January 18, 2023 Written by Audra Cooper

Here are some great tips and tricks from our friends at Plant Products. Aphids have been a significant pest to many professional & hobbyist growers over the last few years. Knowing how to identify these pests & control them safely will allow you to still have a successful growing season! Questions? Ask our experts at 306-931-1982.



Indoor Gardening: Growing Lettuce with Phyllis

December 3, 2022 Written by Audra Cooper

Growing lettuce has never been so easy. Grab a few essential supplies and start planting. Phyllis at Early's is here to talk you through the process, and is always here to answer your questions. (Video Below)


Step 1: Choose your pot. Starting in smaller trays may be easier, but for head lettuce a taller pot may be required later for transplanting.

Step 2: Choose your lettuce seed, make sure you choose a variety that suits your growing space. Make sure to continually plant to have a constant supply of fresh lettuce available at all times.

Step 3: Fill your pots with a moistened soil mix (enough moisture that the soil clumps and sticks).

Step 4: Plant your seeds evenly in the pot.

Step 4: Cover the seeds with a light sprinkle of soil.

Step 5: Mist (do not soak) your soil. Over & underwatering of seeds can kill germinating seeds.

Step 6: Make sure to cover your tray or pot with a humidity dome or lid to retain humidity. A dome with vents can allow for adjustment of moisture.

Step 7: Add to your lights and monitor frequently for moisture level. Once the seeds are up, you may be able to remove the humidity dome and fertilize to maintain flavour.



May 31, 2022 Written by Audra Cooper


Clover seed has become very popular as a lawn seed additive or replacement over the last few years. An easy to care for and low maintenance lawn is most likely to contain some form of clover. At Early’s we have a few varieties of clover available, but our most popular clover is MicroClover.


This unique clover was developed by DLF International. This seed provides a dense healthy turf in areas that require low maintenance. Not only is this plant self feeding (fixing atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form of nitrogen), but it also provides a canopy within your grasses to prevent weeds from establishing. This seed is also unattractive to white grubs, preventing damages to your lawn. MicroClover is also drought resistant, staying green and lush much longer during dry conditions that other traditional grass seeds, also doing well in shady areas, and has a low growth height. Finally, clover naturally will fill in bare or thin spots that other grasses may struggle to grow in.

For more info on our MicroClover – check out our brochure & tech sheet

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Ladybugs Spring 2022

May 18, 2022 Written by Audra Cooper

Ladybugs are by far the most sot after biological control for aphids, spider mites, leafhoppers, mealybugs and so much more. It is almost a daily occurrence at Early’s we receive an inquiry on availability. Many growers use them for indoor as well as outdoors garden spaces. In the past we were able to source ladybugs in quantities of 30,000 exclusively for commercial use. Most recently we had been getting packages of ladybugs for domestic yard and gardens, in groups of 250 or 1000. However, they have not been available since 2020!

Why are they currently unavailable? The short answer is, there is not enough to be had. Unlike our other biological controls, that are mass produced in large facilities, ladybugs seem to be difficult to “farm”. They typically only thrive & reproduce on ideal conditions with an appropriate food source, making it hard to mimic these conditions artificially. For this reason, many suppliers “collect or pick” wild ladybugs from their natural habitats. Sadly, due to very dry conditions & wildfires in the western states where most of our ladybugs are collected from, many of the natural habitats have been disrupted.

In the meantime, it is not impossible to collect your own ladybugs, just a bit time consuming. So far this spring I have seen more ladybugs roaming around in Saskatchewan that I have in the last two years, so hopefully the conditions continue to be favourable for their return.  There are other biological controls available to special order, and they can take 1-2 weeks to have in stock. Most bios are sold in fairly large quantities for commercial use; however, some may be suitable for your growing conditions. Our experts would be happy to chat with you about the options available and discuss whether using biological controls would be beneficial for your situation. Stay tuned to our website and social media for updates on availability in the near future!

Ladybug FAQ’s

-Audra – Early’s Bio Expert. 

Spotlight on CTV - Tick Season May 2022

May 11, 2022 Written by Audra Cooper

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Expert Audra chat's with CTV about tick control for yard this spring. 

Mosquito Barrier - recently registered for ticks, is a great natural solution for repelling blood sucking insects from high traffic areas. When mixed with vegetable oil and liquid dish soap this product can last in your lawn and yard for up to 4 weeks. Reapply as necessary. Safe for children, and pets! Available in an easy attach & spray option, or concentrate solution. The strong garlic aroma only lasts for a few hours after application. Learn more here. 

Trounce - Kills ticks dead! Spray onto lawns and turf with this easy attach and spray applicator. This bottle covers between 100-200 square meters depending on how heavily it is applied and severity of pest problem. Learn more here.