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Lawn & Garden Care: Tips & tricks for a beautiful yard


SUPERMATE - a granular top dressing for your garden. NO burn risk! Adds slow release nutrients, encourages root growth, and buffers soil pH. Boosts plant tolerance for hot dry conditions. Very powerful and effective on annuals, perennials and lawn! 


E.P.S.I - Chemical free compost tea. A blend of organic plant based compost, biochar and earthworm castings. Helps to transform your dirt into efficient living regenerative topsoil with no space for invasive blights molds or pathogens. Great on garden, lawn, flower, houseplants and so much more. Also, no burn risk, you can use as much or little as you like! (Recommended one cup per gallon, or add directly to your soil). 

Growing Microgreens

February 11, 2023 Written by Audra Cooper

We are back with another Early's expert video! Growing microgreens is easy and fast. Cory is here to help you get set up today. 

What you need to start:

How to: 

Set up your tray and fill it evenly with your soil or growing media of choice. Next, sprinkle in your seeds evenly across the tray. If you are doing multiple varieties you can use tags to identify the areas. You do not need to cover the seeds with additional soil, but you may want to pat or tap them down gently so that the seeds are making good contact with the growing media. Evenly sprits the seeds and growing media with water so that the soil is damp. Cover with a dome and place under your growing light. Monitor daily, and water if needed. Some humidity on the dome is a good sign that the moisture level is alright. Avoid overwatering as this can kill your seeds. You can harvest any time after the sprouts have begun to develop leaves. Most varieties will only produce one crop, so you must replant after each harvest. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out! 306-931-1982. 

NEW: Green Manure Crop Cover

January 23, 2023 Written by Audra Cooper

Green Manure Images

New at Early's! Green Manure Crop Cover. What is it, and what is it used for?

A green manure crop is grown primarily for the purpose of being plowed down to add nutrient & organic matter to the soil. Organic farmers consider green manures to be an essential part of the farm ecosystem. Green manure plays a role in soil improvement, nutrient management, & pest management. They are effective in controlling erosion, adding organic matter, improving soil structure, stimulating biological diversity, stimulating biological activity in the soil & reducing compaction in soil. The benefit of green manure can vary with the type of crop & timing of the plow down process. The rate of decomposition also varies with soil & climate conditions.

Want to learn more? Call an expert about growing a crop cover at 306-931-1982


Aphids - Identification & Treatment Options

January 18, 2023 Written by Audra Cooper

Here are some great tips and tricks from our friends at Plant Products. Aphids have been a significant pest to many professional & hobbyist growers over the last few years. Knowing how to identify these pests & control them safely will allow you to still have a successful growing season! Questions? Ask our experts at 306-931-1982.



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