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Spotlight on CTV - Tick Season May 2022

  • May 11, 2022
  • Written by Audra Cooper
  • Video

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Expert Audra chat's with CTV about tick control for yard this spring. 

Mosquito Barrier - recently registered for ticks, is a great natural solution for repelling blood sucking insects from high traffic areas. When mixed with vegetable oil and liquid dish soap this product can last in your lawn and yard for up to 4 weeks. Reapply as necessary. Safe for children, and pets! Available in an easy attach & spray option, or concentrate solution. The strong garlic aroma only lasts for a few hours after application. Learn more here. 

Trounce - Kills ticks dead! Spray onto lawns and turf with this easy attach and spray applicator. This bottle covers between 100-200 square meters depending on how heavily it is applied and severity of pest problem. Learn more here. 






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