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Starting Seeds & Germination

  • May 7, 2022
  • Written by Audra Cooper

Starting Seeds & Germination

Starting seeds is usually the first sign that spring is on its way! After a long winter, it is nice to think about the possibility of some fresh green plants and vegetables starting to grow. However, it is also very disappointing when your seeds do not germinate properly, leaving you in a time crunch to re-plant before it is to late in the season!

There are several reasons why seeds may not germinate successfully. While every seed has different requirements during the starting & germinating process the most common reasons for failure include temperature, seed depth, type of soil, irrigation, mis-use of fertilizer, over & underwatering. As well soil quality, pH and consistency can be a contributing factor to poor germination. If any one of these variables are off even by the slightest amount, this can cause a significant drop in germination yield. Some seeds only take a few days to sprout, while others can take several weeks! For best results it is always best to consult the seed packaging for specific starting instructions.

Rest assured at Early’s all our seeds come from our suppliers with 100% germination rate testing. As well our experts regularly test varieties in house to ensure seed remains viable. Starting seeds can be very difficult, and our experts know this firsthand. With their vast experience growing each seed variety we have available; we are sure to help you identify possible issues & troubleshoot solutions to successfully start your seeds this season.

Questions? Call 306-931-1982 – Ask for the garden seed department!

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Early’s Expert’s top 3 most difficult seeds to start:

  1. Lavender – Can take up to 30+ days to germinate
  2. Petunias (all varieties) – Very small seeds and require lots of light to grow properly
  3. Ground cherry – Can take 2-3 weeks to germinate, and need good heat to start

Interested in doing your own germination testing? Here is what you will need:

  1. A tray
  2. A humidity dome to retain moisture
  3. Damp/wet paper towels
  4. A sunny spot with lots of heat, or heat mat
  5. Tweezers may be necessary to separate very small seeds, just be sure not to crush seeds
  6. Pen & paper to track progress
  7. Time! Most seeds take several days to germinate, be patient and make sure to check your paper towels to ensure they have enough moisture to further germination.