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  • May 31, 2022
  • Written by Audra Cooper


Clover seed has become very popular as a lawn seed additive or replacement over the last few years. An easy to care for and low maintenance lawn is most likely to contain some form of clover. At Early’s we have a few varieties of clover available, but our most popular clover is MicroClover.


This unique clover was developed by DLF International. This seed provides a dense healthy turf in areas that require low maintenance. Not only is this plant self feeding (fixing atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form of nitrogen), but it also provides a canopy within your grasses to prevent weeds from establishing. This seed is also unattractive to white grubs, preventing damages to your lawn. MicroClover is also drought resistant, staying green and lush much longer during dry conditions that other traditional grass seeds, also doing well in shady areas, and has a low growth height. Finally, clover naturally will fill in bare or thin spots that other grasses may struggle to grow in.

For more info on our MicroClover – check out our brochure & tech sheet

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