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Indoor Gardening: Growing Lettuce with Phyllis

  • December 3, 2022
  • Written by Audra Cooper
  • Video

Growing lettuce has never been so easy. Grab a few essential supplies and start planting. Phyllis at Early's is here to talk you through the process, and is always here to answer your questions. (Video Below)


Step 1: Choose your pot. Starting in smaller trays may be easier, but for head lettuce a taller pot may be required later for transplanting.

Step 2: Choose your lettuce seed, make sure you choose a variety that suits your growing space. Make sure to continually plant to have a constant supply of fresh lettuce available at all times.

Step 3: Fill your pots with a moistened soil mix (enough moisture that the soil clumps and sticks).

Step 4: Plant your seeds evenly in the pot.

Step 4: Cover the seeds with a light sprinkle of soil.

Step 5: Mist (do not soak) your soil. Over & underwatering of seeds can kill germinating seeds.

Step 6: Make sure to cover your tray or pot with a humidity dome or lid to retain humidity. A dome with vents can allow for adjustment of moisture.

Step 7: Add to your lights and monitor frequently for moisture level. Once the seeds are up, you may be able to remove the humidity dome and fertilize to maintain flavour.