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Feeding Beet Pulp

  • October 30, 2021
  • Written by Audra Cooper
  • Video

Beet Pulp can be an amazing feed option for your equine companion, but it is important to know how to properly use. All horses can appreciate beet pulp alone, or in addition to other feeds for supplementation. A soaked ration can be favorable for senior horses who need help maintaining weight, horses who have dental concerns and/or struggle to properly chew their food. In addition mixing supplements and medications with beet pulp can be much easier, as horses may have a more difficult time "picking" around unwanted ingredients. 

Important considerations before feeding beet pulp

  1. Make sure feed is securely stored where animals cannot access to avoid overeating, choking, colic, etc
  2. Makes sure beet pulp is completely soaked and expanded before feeding to livestock
  3. Warm water can help speed up the soaking process
  4. DO NOT use boiling or extremely hot water to soak as it can decrease nutrients available
  5. Beet pulp is ready to serve when there is no evidence of pellets and the mix has become a mash
  6. Beet pulp can take 1 hour or longer to soak depending on consistency and water temperature. 
  7. For faster soaking time, try a shredded beet pulp option

Check out our video of Tornado the wonder pony waiting for supper! 

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