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Helmet Safety & Fitting

  • September 21, 2021
  • Written by Audra Cooper
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A proper fitted helmet is a horse riders best friend! Finding the right fit can be a bit difficult however. Our experts are here to help! Come visit us at one of our two locations for a free helmet fitting. Your safety while riding is our priority, and we can help you find the right helmet today. Here are a few easy steps to make sure you find the right helmet today: 

  • Make sure to find a helmet that fits your head just right (not too big and not too small) The helmet should be snug, but not so tight it hurts! 
  • Helmet positioning is important, make sure that the helmet is sitting level on your head. If the helmet is on too far forward or backwards, part of your head may not be properly protected
  • Tie your hair back in a low pony to keep hair out of eye sight, and to make sure your helmet is fitting as accurately as possible 
  • Your chin strap should be done up tightly enough that it cannot slip over your chin incase of a fall
  • Any questions, do not hesitate to ask an expert today at 306-931-1982!

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