Starting Supplies

Starting Supplies
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60W Grow Bulb Incandescent
Agrosun® Dayspot™- Full daylight spectrum incandescent grow bulbs. May be used in any..
AgroBright 32W Compact Fluorescent
This low wattage light is a great way to bring plant-available light to your home. These compact uni..
AgroSun Premium Grow Tube
Ideal for seedlings, cuttings, and low light plants like African violets.  Brighten any space a..
Starting at $19.99
Bulb Planters
Cuts hole for easy flower-bulb planting.  A must have tool for all gardeners! Available in 2 s..
Starting at $5.99
CAT Latex Dipped Gloves
Breathable poly/cotton blend. Latex coated palm and fingers. Knit wrist.Size Large..
Dayspot 60W Grow Light Kit
Daylight spectrum, perfect for over-wintering light loving plants and maintaining healthy growth. Co..
Desktop Plant Light
The desktop plant light offers illumination and versatility for indoor growing. The lamp has a flexi..
DeWitt Solar Heating Gro-Tunnel
Create a warm, humid environment for your Spring, Fall and Winter gardens. The DeWitt Solar Heating ..
Dial Seed Sower
Controls flow rate of different sizes of seed. Makes planting easier...
Plastic green. Measures in inches, for sizing seed holes...
Drain Puffs For Pots
Lightweight drainage pads for your planters and garden containers. Place a drain puff in the bottom ..
Early's Spray Bottle
Excellent for use with insecticides, liquid fungicides, weed killers, laundry applications & win..
Earthway Precision Fert-A-Ply Fertilizer Applicator
The Earthway Fert-A-Ply Side Dress Fertilizer Attachment 1500 is designed for use with the Earthway ..
Earthway Precision Garden Seeder
Includes six seed plates, depth gauge handy row marker and large hopper. Makes planting easy - Mod..
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Earthway Seed Plate Sets
Fits Earthway Model 1001-B Precision Garden Seeder. Choose: Seed Plate Set (5 included): #18108 Li..
Starting at $34.99
Earthway Seed Plates
Additional seed plates for Precision Garden Seeder (Earthway). Choose type. Plate Number For..
Starting at $0.00
Eco Master Gardening Glove
Comfortable, hand-hugging 15-gauge polyester and spandex knit liner. Asst Colors. Available in Medi..
Envirogrow 150W Dayspot Grow Light Kit
For bigger, better blooms and healthy plant growth! • Add flowering color anywhere in your hom..
Folding 2-Way Kneeler/Seat
Kneeler/seat provides comfort and stability when used either as a seat or as a kneeler. The strong t..
Gard'N Hot Cap
Protective barrier that shelters weather-sensitive plants from cold weather. Acts as a greenhouse fo..
Germination Station
Heated germination station. Jump start your seeds. Increase germination success, grow healthier star..
Grodan Starter Plugs
Grodan stonewool is made of molten rock spun into cotton candy-like fibers and then compressed into ..
Grow Light Garden
The perfect kit for indoor salad or microgreen production or for starting your own bedding plants! T..
Grow Light Garden Micro Size
Grow what you love, love what you grow - all year long. Full spectrum (6400K) grow lights replicate ..
Humidity Dome 2"
11" X 22" X 2" High.Promote early growth. NOTE: Pricing is for Dome Only.  Pots and trays are ..
Starting at $2.25
Humidity Dome 7" Vented
Vented wanted dome creates a humid and warm environment Good for cuttings and seed germination 7 ..
Hydro Grass Lawn Hydroseeding System
Do you have dry spots on your lawn, high traffic area damage, or patches where the grass just won&rs..
Hydro Grass Refill Kit
Hydro Grass™ Lawn Hydroseeding Refill Kit Contains:1kg (2.2 lbs) 3-in-1 Seed, Fertilizer, Mulc..
Jiffy Greenhouse 36
Grows 36 Plants. Includes 36 Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets (36mm), base tray and clear dome...
Jiffy Windowsill Greenhouse 24
Grows 24 Plants. Includes 24 Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets (36mm), base tray and clear dome...