Lettuce - Leaf

PLEASE NOTE: Some seeds are treated with a Fungicide.
This is to enhance germination and help defend against diseases.
For more information on treated and non-treated seeds please contact our
Seed Department at 1-800-667-1159.

Early's Farm and Garden Centre carries a large variety of Heirloom Seeds. These seeds were developed prior to 1962 and are individually identified with the following title; (Heirloom Variety)

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Bergams Green
58 day Lettuce. Green leaf lettuce is slow bolting in various weather conditions. 100 seeds per pac..
Black Seeded Simpson (Heirloom Variety)
Pkt (≈ 500 seeds) Abundant crinkly, light green leaves with a crisp texture make this one of ..
Pkt (≈ 300 seeds) One of the darkest red leaf lettuce on the market. The shiny leaves are so ..
Calshot - Red Romaine
Pkt (≈ 100 seeds) Glossy, copper colored leaves with just enough green to allow for vigorous ..
Gourmet Mix
Pkt (≈ 1000 seeds) A mix of Salad Bowl, Black Seeded Simpson, Prizehead, Buttercrunch. See..
Grand Rapids
Pkt (≈ 1000 seeds) 25g (≈ 25,000 seeds) This quick-maturing loose-leaf variety produces..
Starting at $1.99
Mesclun Mix * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 500 seeds) This special mild-flavored blend of lettuces and greens is a complete salad..
New Red Fire
40 day Lettuce. Standard loose leaf red lettuce. medium dark red during short day length. Excellent ..
Prizehead (1947) (Heirloom Variety)
Pkt (≈ 1000 seeds) 25g (≈ 25000 seeds)  Plants are medium, large, strictly loose l..
Starting at $1.99
Red Sails
Pkt (≈ 250 seeds) This All-American Selections winner produces a deliciously flavored, loose-..
Romaine Or Cos * Treated Seed (Heirloom Variety)
Pkt (≈ 1000 seeds) 25g (≈ 19000 seeds) This unique form of lettuce produces cylindrical..
Starting at $1.99
Royal Oak Leaf
Pkt (≈ 500 seeds) The tender, light green leaves of this loose-leaf variety have a distinctiv..
Salad Bowl (1952) (Heirloom Variety)
Pkt (≈ 1000 seeds)25g (≈ 22000 seeds) Crisp and tender for salads. Large, medium green,..
Starting at $1.99