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Acer NT 13-10-15 Spring & Summer Perennial
Acernt Perennial is designed for use on container grown perennials. Professional high quality result..
Acer NT 13-12-12 Hanging Basket
We are introducing this new product to our ACER nt line, specifically for production of greenho..
Acer NT 17-7-10 One Season
ACERnt One Season is ideal for container grown nursery plants including deciduous shrubs and conifer..
Acer NT 19-4-12 Top Dress
Top dress combines the technologies of coated nutrients from Nutricote, polymer coated urea and pota..
African Violet Liquid Plant Food 8-14-9
African violet and flowering liquid plant food. Nutrient ratio: 8-14-9. Easy-to-measure dropper. 7-d..
Alaska Morbloom 0-10-10
Alaska Morbloom Fertilizer is a 0-10-10 plant food made with natural-based fish. Rich in phosphorus ..
Alfalfa Green Organic Fertilizer 3-0-2
Alfalfa Green 3-0-2 is a 100 % organic lawn and garden fertilizer, that retains moisture, improves s..
Starting at $6.99
All Purpose 20-20-20
A complete multi-purpose plant food, perfect for encouraging general plant growth. Best used for veg..
Starting at $8.99
Aluminum Sulphate Soil Acidifier
Acidifies the soil to encourage the growth of acid-loving plants. Great for blueberries, begonias, d..
Bedding Plants 15-15-18
Soil-less Feed with Micro-nutrients. Ideal for bedding plants. Dissolves rapidly and thoroughly. Hig..
Better Bloom 12-34-12
Specifically designed for the first three weeks of your Bloom Cycle. Excellent for flowers, tomatoes..
BioFish 3-1-2 Liquid Fertilizer
BioFish is an organic and natural fish based liquid fertilizer for all crops. It is derived using a ..
BioSul 0-0-0+90S
BioSul-90 is a granular fertilizer and soil amendment fortified with special growth enhancing minera..
Blood and Bone Meal 7-7-0
Use to stimulate growth and increase stem, fruit, and root development of vegetables, flowers, plant..
Bloom Builder 5-30-5
Schultz Bloom Builder Liquid Plant Food with micronutrients. Concentrate. Encourages prolific b..
Bone Meal 4-10-0
4-10-0 Bone Meal features a slow release formula. Excellent for planting. Natural and organic based,..
Bone Meal Plus 2-13-0
Green Earth - good for the earth, great for your garden! Green Earth gardening products are made to ..
Bonzi Plant Growth Regulator
Bud Boom Granular 0-40-23
Bud Boom is a late bloom enhancer that is packed with all the right ingredients: nitrogen, phosphoru..
Bud Boom Liquid 0-6-5
BudBoom is an ultra premium flower booster with a high quality source of Phosphorus and Potassium. 1..
Bud Start 0-2-1
A powerful blend combining phosphorous and potassium fertilizer which will dramatically activate the..
Cactus Liquid Plant Food 2-7-7
Specially formulated for cacti, Jade, Aloe Vera and other succulents. Encourages new growth.&nb..
Calcium Nitrate 15.5-0-0
Calcium Nitrate (15.5-0-0, w 19% Calcium)  Greenhouse grade. For tomatoes, etc. Helps to preven..
Starting at $3.99
CALiMAGic™ is a concentrated blend of readily available Calcium and Magnesium. It is formulate..
Starting at $18.95
Carbo Blast
Carbo Blast delivers almost instant results giving plants the energy they need.  Delivers bette..
Chelated Trace Mix
Chelated Micronutrient Mix is a water soluble micronutrient mix which can be used as a supplement wh..
Chelated Zinc 14%
Has high phosphorous concentration that contributes to rapid root and root hair development. Chelate..
Complete Solution 17-5-17
Dissolves rapidly and thoroughly. Complete is an advanced all-in-one nutritional program providing a..
Compost Accelerator
Wilson's Green Earth brand. A formulation of 100% organic and natural nutrients and enzymes. Speeds ..
Dolomitic Lime
Natural soil conditioner that neutralizes acid soils and provides calcium and magnesium.  Use o..