Wild Bird Feeders

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Carriage Feeder
This wild bird feeder is constructed of sturdy acrylic material and can be hung or pole mounted. Eas..
Church Birdfeeder
Village Collection Birdfeeder is a beautiful addition to your lawn, deck or garden.  Super dura..
Starting at $24.99
Copper Garden Feeder
Wild birds and wild bird enthusiasts will be attracted to the antiqued copper finish and whimsical g..
Copper Meadow Feeder
The Birdscapes® Copper Meadow Feeder holds 4+ lb of seed and is the perfect compliment to any ba..
Copper Panorama Wild Bird Feeder
Copper Panorama Wild Bird Feeder is sure to attract many birds to your backyard.  The cutting-e..
Copper Sip & Seed Feeder
This classy bird feeder with its beautiful seed and water containers allows you to provide food and ..
Copper Triple Tube Feeder
Attract multiple kinds of birds with 3 individual feeding tubes and 12 patented 2 in 1 flip feeding ..
Crafty Canadian Silo
Innovative design holds 3lbs of seed and has 6 feeding stations. Has 3 independent seed compartments..
Deluxe Chalet
This charming wooden feeder features both a seed feeding area and a suet cake holder at each end. 5 ..
Deluxe Seed Silo
This classy, durable tube bird feeder will give you hours and years of birdwatching pleasure. The Pe..
Elevator Bird Feeders
Handmade wooden bird feeders depicting the prairies. Available in assorted styles...
Festival Feeder 2-in-1
Features an exclusive design allowing for easy switching from a mixed/sunflower setting to a thistle..
Garden House Bird Feeder
The Garden House birdfeeder is part of an extensive Village Collection of feeders. This feeder resem..
Garden Song® Classic Bird Feeder
These tube bird feeders are among the classic styles of feeders for finches and other birds. Feature..
Green Solutions Fly-thru Feeder
Green Solutions Bird Feeders are maintenance free and made of recycled materials. The poly lumber, m..
Green Solutions Large Hanging Tray
This hanging tray Feeder from Green Solutions is made from 98% recycled material and is guaranteed t..
Green Solutions Small Hanging Tray
This hanging tray Feeder from Green Solutions is made from 98% recycled material and is guaranteed t..
Hanging Gazebo Feeder
Gazebo design bird feeder.  Twist lock cap secures tightly. Includes a steel hanging cable atta..
Holly Berry Gilded Chalet
The Perky-Pet® Holly Berry Gilded Chalet Feeder features a circular perch for feeding from all a..
Log Cabin Deluxe Bird Feeder
Authentic looking log cabin feeder is perfectly designed to welcome a variety of birds.  Can be..
Mountain Chapel Feeder
This beautiful wooden bird feeder with its sweet design is bound to attract birds from all over your..
Panorama Wild Bird Feeder
Features the innovative Evenseed™ technology. This technology is like having 2 feeders in 1!&n..
Paul Revere Bird Feeder
This colonial looking wooden bird feeder pays tribute to the famous ride and single lantern of the b..
Pinery Wild Bird Feeder
An attractive addition to your yard. Holds up to 4lbs of seed and features natural silhouettes and i..
Polka Dot Feeder
Designed to attract woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, finches and many other birds. Can be filled..
Red Barn Bird Feeder
Village Collection Bird Feeder is a beautiful addition to your lawn, deck or garden.  Super dur..
Safari Triple Tube
Three independent feeding tubes in one feeder. 2-in-1 ports allow for changing from sunflower/mixed ..
Safari Tube Feeder with 2-in-1 Ports
Exclusive 2-in-1 feeding ports, simply twist the port to change from a mixed/sunflower opening to a ..
Select-A-Bird Tube Feeder
The Perky-Pet® Select-A-Bird Tube Feeder with Copper Finish features 8 feeding ports, a 3.5 lb s..
Squirrel Stumper
Wire barrier protects feeder from squirrel damage. Twist lock lid prevents squirrels from getting th..