PLEASE NOTE: Some seeds are treated with a Fungicide.
This is to enhance germination and help defend against diseases.
For more information on treated and non-treated seeds please contact our
Seed Department at 1-800-667-1159.

Early's Farm and Garden Centre carries a large variety of Heirloom Seeds. These seeds were developed prior to 1962 and are individually identified with the following title; (Heirloom Variety)

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BHN585 Hybrid
Tomato. Smooth round globe shaped fruit. Strong determinate plant with good disease tolerance. 10 s..
Big Beef Hybrid * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 15 seeds) Extra large 10-12 oz. globe shaped beefsteak staking variety. Disease resist..
Black Krim
Pkt (≈ 10 seeds) Heirloom. Deep red/purple beefsteak variety. Great taste. Perfect for salads..
Bob Cat Hybrid
Pkt (≈ 15 seeds) Rich, red firm meaty beefsteak averaging 9-10 oz. Fruits are uniform in size..
Bonadea Gardens Tomato Mulch
Better ways to grow... Give your garden an added advantage for bigger crops on healthier stock plan..
Brandywine * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 75 seeds) Huge flat globe 10-16 oz pinkish red fruit. Semi- indeterminate potato leaf ..
Bush Beefstake * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 100 seeds) This is the perfect slicing tomato, producing large, slightly ribbed fruits..
Starting at $1.99
Bush Early Girl Hybrid
Pkt (≈ 15 seeds)6-7 oz bright red fruit with excellent flavor. Compact bush plants producing h..
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Celebrity Hybrid * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 20 seeds) Large 10 oz. meaty flesh. Very tasty. May be grown as a bush or short stakin..
Champion II Hybrid
Pkt (≈ 15 seeds) Produces an abundance of 8-10 oz fruits. Disease resistant. Excellent in sal..
Chef's Choice Orange
 Pkt (≈ 10 seeds) 2014 AAS Winner. Produces 7-10oz crack resistant bright orange fruit t..
Cobra * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 10 seeds) A true greenhouse tomato. 65 - 70 days from transplant. Heavy yields & g..
Defiant PhR Hybrid
Pkt (≈ 10 seeds) Late blight resistant 6-8 oz fruit with deep red internal and external color..
Early Girl Hybrid
Pkt (≈ 10 seeds) Very early variety. Produces a large crop of mid-size fruit. Crack tolerant...
Epsom Salts
Used as a bath salt or for gardening purposes. Available in 1lb, 1.5kg & 25kg..
Starting at $1.99
Jobe's Fertilizer Spikes For Tomatoes
6-18-6 For Tomatoes.  Easy to use, pre-measured, slow release fertilizer spikes. Long lasting n..
Juliet F1 Hybrid
Pkt (≈ 10 seeds) AAS Winner. Clusters of elongated red small tomatoes on tall, vigorous vines..
La Roma II Hybrid
Pkt (≈ 10 seeds) This variety produces large, tasty 7 oz. fruit on strong bushy plants. Thick..
Lemon Boy VFN Hybrid * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 15 seeds) Lemon, yellow, globe fruit that average 7 oz. Very productive, mild flavor. ..
78 days- If stored properly will keep 4-6 months. 4-7 oz. fruit. Pick when tomatoes have a pale pink..
Mamma Mia Hybrid
Pkt (≈ 25 seeds) A firm meatier red fleshed delicious tasting tomato suitable for sauces,sals..
Manitoba (1956) (Heirloom Variety)
Pkt (≈ 30 seeds) A very popular early bush variety. Good yields of 5 oz. fruit. Smooth with r..
Mortgage Lifter
Pkt (≈ 20 seeds) Rich meaty 16-24oz fruit with few seeds. Consistent winner in taste tests.Pe..
Mountain Merit
Pkt (≈ 10 seeds) 2014 AAS Winner. A nice 10-12oz dark red fruit with excellent late blight re..
Orange Zinger Hybrid
Pkt (≈ 5 seeds) Great tasting dark orange cherry tomato. A balance of sweet and tangy. Diseas..
Oxheart (1925) * Treated Seed (Heirloom Variety)
Pkt (≈ 35-40 seeds) (1925) Vigorous plants that produce huge, deep rosy pink heart shaped fr..
Patio Hybrid * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 15 seeds) A bush tomato that produces 4 oz fruit. Great for containers. Plants have po..
Prairie Pride
Pkt (≈40 seeds) Early bush variety. Produces an abundance of medium sized fruit. Low acid. Pe..
Primo Red * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 10 seeds) Smooth ,extra large, very firm, globe shaped, 8 ½ oz fruit. Excellent..
Rocky Top Hybrid * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 10 seeds) Very firm 7 oz. high yielding fruit with superior eating quality. Bushy, sho..