PLEASE NOTE: Some seeds are treated with a Fungicide.
This is to enhance germination and help defend against diseases.
For more information on treated and non-treated seeds please contact our
Seed Department at 1-800-667-1159.

Early's Farm and Garden Centre carries a large variety of Heirloom Seeds. These seeds were developed prior to 1962 and are individually identified with the following title; (Heirloom Variety)

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Bonbon Hybrid * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 8 seeds) AAS Winner. 81 days. Earliest of all the buttercup squash. Green fruit with s..
Buttercup * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 20 seeds) Dark green , deep orange flesh, sweet and dry 3-4 lbs. Excellent baked, stea..
Butternut * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 20 seeds) This is a very popular and wonderful tasting winter or storage squash. The o..
Golden Hubbard * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 20 seeds) An outstanding winter vegetable easy to grow and prolific. Flesh is rich ora..
Green Hubbard
Pkt (≈ 10 seeds) Slightly warted fruits have a bronze- green rind. Large fruits that average ..
Sunburst Hybrid * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈10 seeds) This outstanding All-American Selections winner produces delicious and beauti..
Sweet Mama Hybrid * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 8 seeds) Fruits are smooth dark green. Weighs about 3-4 lbs. Flesh is deep yellow, thi..
Table Queen or Acorn (1913) (Heirloom Variety)
Pkt (≈ 30 seeds) Produces acorn shaped fruits that are roughly 6" in diameter. Hard dark gree..
Vegetable Spaghetti * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 25 seeds)25g (≈ 150 seeds) Oval fruits are harvested when 8-10" long. Plants wil..
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