Snapdragon (Antirrhinum)

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Floral Carpet Mix
Height 20 cm.(8") .Dwarf snapdragon with spreading habit covered in masses of soft colored blooms. P..
Liberty Mix
Height 45-55cm (18-22"). Strong flower spikes that make great cut flowers. Florets are evenly spaced..
Madame Butterfly Hybrid
70 cm (28") Double azalea flowered snapdragon. Colors range from scarlet, crimson, rosy-bronze, yell..
Montego Mix
Height 20cm (8"). Uniform colors that bloom 5-7 days earlier than most dwarf snaps. Pkt (≈ 75 seeds)..
Trailing Candy Showers Purple
A new variety of trailing snapdragons.  Does great in hanging baskets.  It will also sprea..
Trailing Candy Showers Yellow
A new variety of trailing snapdragons. Does great in hanging baskets. It will also spread in flower ..