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Adult Rabbit Food
All rabbits need high fiber to keep their digestive systems working properly, plus basic vitamins an..
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Adult Rat Food
Oxbow Regal Rat - Adult Rat Food is a low-fat, nutritionally-balanced food that improves the quality..
Alfalfa Chew-nels
New Living World Alfalfa Chew-nels are natural treats, chew toys and hiding places, all rolled up in..
Starting at $4.99
Alfalfa Mix
This fresh & naturally dried Alfalfa fed in combination with a quality small animal feed will pr..
Aquarium Silicone Sealant
Marina brand. A permanently flexible and waterproof sealant for glass, ceramic, fiberglass, painted ..
Aspen Shavings Bale
Made By Nepco: Non-toxic and on-allergenic, Shredded Aspen Bedding is currently used by top breeder..
Bio Groom Ear Mite Treatment
Bio Groom Ear Mite Treatment with Aloe Vera - For Dogs, Puppies, Cats, Kittens & RabbitsA superb..
Biofresh Comfort Bedding
Natural Soft Cellulose. Promotes nesting and burrowing, provides enrichment. Comfort and warmth crea..
Bird Bath
The Vision Bird Bath fits easily onto your bird's cage. The enclosed hood provides privacy, contains..
Bristle Brush
The Critter Bunch small animal bristle brush.  14½cm (5¾")..
Carefresh Natural Premium Soft Bedding
Safe for pets and families – Non-toxic, low dust, and colors will not run or stain. Outstanding odor..
Carefresh Timothy Hay
Carefresh Timothy Hay provides essential nutrients and minerals, as well as fiber to aid digestion a..
Cedar Shavings Bale
Made By Nepco: Providing nature's most refreshing and aromatic scent, Red Cedar Bedding is ideal fo..
Chewbular Play Tube
Chewbular Play Tubes are the charge-thru chew tube hip critters choose. Chewbular tubes are a barrel..
Starting at $3.49
Chinchilla Blue Cloud Dust Bath
A premium quality natural dust that encourages natural grooming behavior in chinchillas and degus, c..
Chinchilla Lava Ledge Perch Chew
Approximately 5 1/2 inch long perch not only gives your chinchilla a place to sit and view the world..
Comfort Harness and Leash
Comfort Harnesses Velcro straps make fitting remarkably easy, while the "E-Z" snap buckle ensures a ..
Starting at $11.95
Corn Cob Bedding
All Natural 100% USA Corn Cob Highly Absorbent No Additives or colorants Will break down rapidl..
Starting at $5.99
Cowboy Premium Softwood Shavings
Made by Northland Forest Products: Cowboy shavings are ideal for animal bedding and spill absorptio..
Dematting Comb
The Critter Bunch small animal dematting comb- 5 Blade.  10cm (4")..
Donuts Treats
Living World® Donuts are a crunchy, nutritious and easily digestible treat. Prepared with the fi..
Double Sided Brush
The Critter Bunch small animal double sided brush.  14½cm (5¾")..
Double Sided Comb
The Critter Bunch small animal double sided comb.  11½cm (4½")..
Ear & Face Scissors
The Critter Bunch small animal ear & face scissors.  11½cm (4½")..
FerreTone - Skin & Coat supplement
Feed your ferret delicious liquid that supports healthy skin and glossy haircoat. FerreTone Liquid c..
Fine Comb
The Critter Bunch small animal fine comb (30 teeth).  12cm (4¾")..
Flat Back Water Bottle
Flat Back Water Bottles have been specially designed to be the best quality and most unique water bo..
Starting at $8.99
Grainola Bar - Cockatiels, Parakeets & Lovebirds
For Cockatiels, Parakeets & Lovebirds.  These long lasting treats are handmade by coating d..
Guinea Pig Drops (Berry)
Living world drops for guinea pigs are field berry-flavoured morsels enriched with minerals and vita..
Guinea Pig Pellets
Hagen® Guinea Pig Pellets is a complete pelleted diet suitable for all stages of a guinea pig's ..
Starting at $5.99