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Indoor Garden Seed Mix COMBO PACK

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True gardeners don’t get the winter off! Garden all year round with ease, and our 10 best varieties for indoor growing. Great for hydroponic growing.

Kale Scotch Blue Curled – cold hardy leafy plant. Leaves can be mixed into salads, or cook greens in stews or as garnish. 50 seeds

Fire Fresh Chard – fast growing & uniform perfect for baby leaf production. Great disease resistance. Treated with Maxim & Thiram. 50 seeds

Sweet Basil – Easy to grow annual classic ingredient in many Italian dishes. Treated with Maxim. 200 seeds.

Mesclun – Mild flavored blend of lettuces & greens for a complete salad in one seed packet. 500 seeds.

Kolibri Spinach – Semi savory spinach baby leaf variety. Treated with Thiram & Metalaxyl 150 seed.

Tumbler Tomato – tasty bite sized snacking tomatoes. Great for salads and relishes. 10 seeds.

Perseus Cucumber – Best cucumber for fresh eating. Tender skin, crisp juicy flesh and unbelievably sweet. Treated with Thiram. 15 seeds

California Wonder Pepper – Large blocky bell peppers that can be harvested when green or red. Sweet and mild flavor, with crips and crunchy texture. 80 seeds.

Baby Beet – A round deep red root vegetable with delicious and sweet flavor. Served in all stages of growth and store well. Leaves make delicious greens. Treated with Thiram, Metalaxyl. 150 seeds


Watercress – Peppery tasting, semiaquatic creeping perennial. Popular in salads, sandwiches and as a garnish. 500 seeds. 

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