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Garden Starter Mix COMBO PACK

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New to gardening, or just looking for the classics? Here is 10 packages of the classics that every garden needs!

National Pickling Cucumber- A dual purpose cucumber ideal for pickling, and fresh slicing. 100 seeds.

Dwarf Stringless Garden Bean – A snap bush bean with smooth, meaty dark green pods. Delicious fresh, and unbeatable for canning and freezing. 70 seeds.

Detroit Dark Red Beet – A tender and delicious variety, great fresh, canned, or pickled. Easy to grow in most conditions. 150 seeds.

Scarlet Nantes Coreless – Bugs bunny would love these carrots! A long, fine-grained carrot that is nearly coreless. Rich orange colour, delicious raw, cooked or frozen. 2000 seeds.

Perpetual Spinach – Produces large, green, smooth leaves. Tender, and can be picked all summer. 150 seeds.

Green Arrow Peas –  These sweet peas fresh picked, come into production quickly and make a great early crop. 70 seeds.

Manitoba Tomato – high producer with large fruits. Flesh is firm, meaty and has excellent flavour. Perfect for salads, juice, canning, relishes, and cooking. 30 seeds.

Black Seeded Simpson- Crinkly, light green leaves with a crips texture. Fast maturing, and great for salads. 500 seeds.

Peaches & Cream  Corn – A sweet bi-color variety that is great for eating fresh, freezing and canning. Ears are plump and sweet! 50 seeds.


Zucchini Squash – A firm, favourful, nearly white flesh. Plants are easy to grow, mature quickly and produce lot of low calorie versatile fruits. 25 seeds.

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