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Growing your own fresh herbs is, oh so rewarding! Here is our 10 favorite herbs perfect for growing outdoors & indoors all year long. Fresh herbs compliment many dishes, from sandwiches, soups, meat and so much more!

Parsley – one of the most popular herbs by far, easy to grow & can be used as garnish and flavouring. 400 seeds

Dill – A popular & easy to grow herb that makes almost any dish better! Try it in sandwiches, dips, vinegars, meat, fish, salads and so much more! 500 seeds

Basil Genovese – Easy to grow, warm weather annual develops into an attractive bushy plant. Classic to many Italian dishes. 300 seeds

Chives – A delicate onion flavour, perfect for flavouring soups, dips, salads and more. 200 seeds

Rosemary- A shrubby perennial is grown for its attractive light blue flowers & for its aromatic grey-green leaves. Great for seasoning meat, dishes, olive oil and Vinaigrettes. 50 seeds

Arugula Rocket – This gourmet salad green adds a robust and peppery flavor to salads. Also great when mixed with other greens and cooked like spinach. 300 seeds

Oregano- This herb is qidely used in several Mediterranean cuisines as well as in many Mexican dishes. Plants are perennials, and can be used in salad dressings, meat loaf, stews, and other meat dishes! 500 seeds

Summery Savory – This easy to grow annual produces attractive flowers and sweet, tangy flavoured leaves. Use in salads, soups, sauces, egg dishes, meats, and vinegars. 500 seeds

Cilantro – Also known as coriander when grown, has a distinctively flavoured leaf, and flavourful seeds. Leaves are used in salads, salsa, and many Mexican and oriental dishes. Seeds are used to flavor pastries, beans, meats, and fish. 60 seeds

Thyme – Tiny oval leaves with a flavor that mingles well with other herbs, Perfect for flavoring meats, stuffings, stews, soups, fish and more. 200 seeds






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