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Brighten Up COMBO PACK

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Add a little colour to your garden! Have you tried purple carrots, yellow beets, or purple cauliflower? Well now you can enjoy a whole variety of colourful vegetables perfect for adding a little colour to the dinner table. Included is 10 packages of our favorite, fun and funky vegetable varieties.


Cauliflower Mix – a mix of green, purple, and orange varieties, with the same great taste as traditional cauliflower. Orange & Purple are higher in antioxidants than white cauliflower. 15 seeds

Lemon Cucumber – Here is a unique slicing variety, rounded with light green skin. Delicious fresh or sliced in salads. This seed is easy to grow, and produces high yield. 30 seeds

Rainbow Tomato – beautiful & tasty heirloom mix chosen for a range of flavour (from sweet to tangy). 10 seeds

Rainbow Beet – Fresh, vibrant beets that are sweet and delicious, plus easy to grow! 50 seeds

Scaramanga Lettuce- This lettuce will catch your eye with a dark glossy cherry-red ruffled leaves. Beautiful in salads, plus resistant to  downey mildew. 200 seeds

Easter Egg Radish- very easy to grow, tasty and colorful. Ready to harvest in just a few weeks. Enjoy white, pink, red and purple radish with a crisp white flesh. 125 seeds

Red Russian Kale – Starting a deep blue green, this variety matures to an attractive green with purple veins and deeply cut veins. High in vitamin and mineral content. The flavour is sweet, tender, and crunchy when harvested after exposure to cool frosty weather. Serve greens boiled, steamed, or in salad. 80 seeds

Swiss Chard Bright Lights – Dazzling stems in all stages of growth, that are easy to grow and will adapt to any garden. 50 seeds

Rainbow Carrot- Sweet, crunchy and eye catching carrots. Expect a variety of red, purple, white and yellow. 300 seeds

Goldilocks Squash- Glossy, dark orange acorn squash is a high yielding variety, with a nutty flavour. A smaller variety best for compact growing, but sure to add some colour to your garden. 10 seeds



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