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Kids Garden COMBO PACK

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The love of gardening starts at a young age. Get them started off right with this mix of our 10 favorite, fun and playful seed packages sure to bring smile to their faces!

Little Finger carrots – The ideal snack for picky eaters, great cooked or raw. Grow well in small gardens and is rich in food value. 2000 seeds

Green Arrow Peas – Another favorite for picky eaters. Fresh picked peas are fabulous raw or cooked. Can easily be frozen for storage and produce quickly as an early crop. 70 seeds

Garden Bean – A mix of yellow,  green and purple podded snap beans produce an abundance of long round meaty stringless pods. Delicious fresh, and unbeatable for canning and freezing.  70 seeds

Cucumber Marketmore – One of the finest varieties for slicing, and a great snack for lunch kits, or in salads. 100 seeds

Sarah’s Choice Cantaloupe – A favorite summer time melon, that is sweet and juicy with a flavor that can’t be beat. 10 seeds

Howden Pumpkin – The perfect Pumpkin for Jack O’ Lanterns, pies and breads. Each fruit averages 20 pounds. 15 seeds

Birdhouse Gourds – These fun bottle gourds produce attractive & function fruits. 10 seeds

Monkey Flower – A bright flowering plant that is shade loving and an early bloomer. Spotted, funnel shaped flowers resemble the grinning face of a monkey! A fun addition that is easy to grow in hard landscapes. 500 seeds

Dwarf Sweet Pea – Bright coloured and fragrant flowers carried on strong stems. Early blooming, heat resistant and require no staking. 30 seeds


Teddy Bear Sunflower – Kids love them! Brilliant double golden yellow flowers produced on dwarf plants. Seeds are easy to sow, sprout quickly. Seeds are good to eat, and attractive to birds. 40 seeds

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