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‘Spill the tea’ over our favourite garden seeds perfect for steeping.  Here is our top 10 favorite garden seed packages best for making home made teas.

Chamomile – One of the oldest and most popular garden herbs. Attractive daisy like flowers on tall stems. A pleasant apple like scent, with flowers that make excellent tea used to sooth indigestion and help people fall asleep. 2000 seeds.

Lemon Balm- An easy to grow mint, with refreshing flavour, cool tasting leaves that can be used fresh or dried. Great with salads, vegetables, potato dishes, and fruit cocktails. Garnish iced drinks, melons, and ice cream. 200 seeds.

Peppermint – This strong-smelling herb grows well indoors or outdoors. Great for cooking, in drinks, salads, baked goods and more! Great in hot tea to relieve upset stomach and congestion. 100 seeds.

Calendula – Easy to grow with abundance. Primarily in yellow & orange, but mix includes cream & apricot. 50 seeds.

Fennel – A delightful licorice aroma. Leaves are used in salads, fish dishes & as garnish. Seeds are used to flavour sauces, soups and baked goods. 300 seeds.

Sage- An easy to grow perennial herb. Leaves are used for stuffings, meat dishes, stews, chowder and cheese. 50 seeds.

Lemongrass – A shrublike herb with a lemon aroma & flavour. Used for cooking, and as a bug repellent. Oil can be used in aromatherapy to freshen air, reduce stress and uplift mood. 50 seeds.

Lavender Munstead – Pleasantly scented leaves and colourful flowers. These perennials grow into compact mounds. Used to perfume soaps, pillows, bath water, plus look beautiful in flower arrangements. 50 seeds.

Thyme – produces tiny oval leaves that mingle well with other herbs. Great for flavouring meats, stuffing, stews, soups, fish dishes and more. 200 seeds.


Stevia – Easy to grow, and a perfect sugar replacement in teas, baking, and ice cream! 15 seeds.

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