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  • 1:1 Salt Free Cattle Mineral with Selenium

1:1 Salt Free Cattle Mineral with Selenium

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GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: fluorine (max) 3,000 mg/kg calcium (act) 17% phosphorus (act) 17% magnesium (act) 0.5% iron (act) 7,000 mg/kg iodine (act) 150mg/kg zinc, (act) 9,000 mg/kg copper (act) 3,000 mg/kg manganese (act) 7,000 mg/kg cobalt (act) 50mg/kg vitamin A (min) 400,000 I.U/kg vitamin D (min) 50,000 I.U./kg Vitamin E (min) 400 I.U./kg 

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Shur-Grain 1:1 SALT FREE mineral for beef cattle with selenium should be fed free choice at the rate of up to 100 gram per head per day in situations where water is high in sodium or where an additional salt source is being provided. If placed in a mineral box, it should be elevated 45-60 cm off the ground and protected from the elements. This mineral may also be mixed into the grain portion of the ration at the rate of 10kg / tonne. Always provide salt free-choice.