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  • Sheep Mineral 1:1 with Selenium

Sheep Mineral 1:1 with Selenium

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GUARANTEED ANALYSIS fluorine (max) 3,000 mg/kg calcium (act) 12% phosphorus (act) 12% salt (act) 25% sodium (act) 10% magnesium (act) 0.4% iron (act) 5,000 mg/kg iodine (act) 150 mg/kg zing (act) 9,000 mg/kg copper (act) 50 mg/kg (none added) manganese (act) 7,000mg/kg cobalt (act) 50 mg/kg vitamin A (min) 400,000 I.U./kg vitamin D (min) 50,000 I.U/kg vitamin E (min) 400 I.U/kg 

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Viterra 1:1 Sheep mineral with selenium should be fed free-choice to sheep under normal range or farm conditions. When mineral is first offered to sheep dificient in phosphorus, limit the consumption until the craving for phosphorus has been satisfied. Mineral should be placed in an elevated mineral box, protected from the weather to prvent mineral from getting wet. Free-choice consumption will be approximately 10-20 gram per head per day. Feed only enough to last the sheep a few days. This practice will keep the mineral fresh and dry. This mineral may be mixed into the grain portion of the ration at the rate of 10kg/tonne. In addition, feed salt free-choice or as a block.

  • Do not use this assocation with another feed containing supplemental selenium,
  • Sheep are susceptible to copper deficiency and copper toxicosis. Consult a qualified nutritionist or veterinarian to determine the suitabiliity of this feed for local conditions. 
  • Individual results from the use of this product may vary due to managment, environment, genetic, health, and sanitation differences. Therefore, Viterra does not warrant or guarantee individual results.