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  • 911 Emergency Paste 80cc

911 Emergency Paste 80cc

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Syngistic Ingredients contained in 911 Emergency Paste

  1. Mannan oligosaccarides
  2. Beta-glucans
  3. N-Acetyl Glucosamine
  4. Nucleotides
  5. Pantothenic acid
  6. Pyridoxine
  7. Riboflavin
  8. Natural Zeolite (Clinoptilolite)

 911 Emergency Paste and the Defense Mechanisms of the Living Gut

The Living Gut is a true jungle where only the fittest survive. From a population of no more than one million microbes per gram in the stomach the number balloons 10,000 fold to over 10 billion in the colon. Clearly, the threat of “takeover” by one micro-organism or another is constantly present. 911 Emergency Paste is a natural regulator that works by complementing the animals’ natural occurring defense mechanisms, so that the right balance is maintained.

Benefits of 911 Emergency Paste

-Natural & Safe- all components are safe, natural, biological products. Contains no medication

-No Toxic Residues

-No withdrawal Periods

-No suppression of beneficial microflora- protective microflora of the host remain viable

-Specific & Rapid results

-Helps establish populations of desirable health-promoting indigenous flora

-Normalizes the Intestinal Environment for Optimal Nutrient Utilization

-Prevents the attachment of pathogens to the gut wall as well as removes those already attached

-Helps bind toxins in the GI tract

-Maintains GI tract integrity

-Quickly normalizes digestion

-Does not bind vitamins and minerals as compared to traditional clays

-Low inclusion rate

-Unaffected by pH

-Broad spectrum of activity against various mycotoxins

-Blocks the absorption of some mycotoxins from the gut

-Removes pathogenic bacteria as potential opportunists in the intestinal lumen, following exposure to molds and mycotoxins.