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  • Science Diet Perfect Digestion Dog Food (7+)

Science Diet Perfect Digestion Dog Food (7+)

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Prebiotics are nutrients that feed the billions of microbes in the gut microbiome that are essential for good health. Our breakthrough blend of prebiotics, ActivBiome+, supports each pet’s unique microbiome for healthy digestion & overall well-being

  • Contains ActivBiome+, an exclusive blend of prebiotics, & whole grain oats and pumpkin
  • Delicious food provides balanced nutrition for overall wellness to help your pet age 7+ feel their best
  • Helps your pet's body absorb & use vital nutrients
  • High-quality protein to help maintain lean muscles
  • Balanced nutrition and minerals for vital organ health
  • Supports graceful aging in dogs to help your pet feel their best in the golden years

Recommended for:

Adult dogs 7+ years to help keep their digestion in balance

Not recommended for:

Puppies, adult dogs ages 1–6, pregnant or nursing dogs. During pregnancy or nursing, dogs should be switched to Hill’s Science Diet Puppy food.


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