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Equine Power Cool Energy

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equinePower - Logois the high fat, high protein, low sugar, and low starch weight gain supplement that works for all kinds of horses:

  • Hard keepers
  • Young / horses in training
  • Underweight horses
  • Late gestation / lactating mares
  • Senior horses
  • Thoroughbreds

Since 1999, thousands of horse owners have trusted equinePOWER™ to put more weight on their horses and maintain that healthy weight.

What's in equinePOWER™?

29% crude fat (all plant-based)

20% crude protein

Flax for Omega-3 fatty acids

Canola for oil and protein

Alfalfa for protein and fiber

1.75mcal of digestible energy per pound

No high sugar (only 3%)

No high starch (only 11%)

No tallow or animal fat

Trying to fatten up an underweight horse can be hard. Feeding large amounts of grain or other carbohydrate-based feeds is expensive and causes health problems, extra gut weight, and makes your horses too hot. And it might not even get results.

equinePOWER™ is different. With its high-fat ingredients it has far more calories per pound than feeds with high carbs and starch. equinePOWER™ is:

  • easy to feed on its own or added to another supplement
  • easy for any horse to eat, even if they have dental issues
  • easy to digest which allows your horse to get more of the nutrients it contains

Are your horses finicky eaters? With natural ingredients, equinePOWER™ is very palatable and doesn’t have to be force-fed. It even has omega-3 fatty acids for extra health benefits.