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Pkt (≈ 15 seeds) Fresca Strawberry

120 Days. Produces medium size sweet berries the first summer. Strawberries grow well in almost any soil and prefer cool weather. Bright green leaves with constraining white blossoms, and eventual red, sweet juicy fruits make an attractive border plant. Everbearing.

  • Seed Depth: 1/8" (3mm)
  • Seed Spacing: 1/2" (12mm).
  • Row Spacing: 8-12" (20-30cm)
  • Days to Sprout: 18-24
  • Plant Spacing: 8-12" (20-30cm)
  • Days to Maturity: 120

When and Where to plant: Select sunny, to partial shade location with average garden soil and plant after danger of hard frost is passed, strawberries like cool weather. For best results start seeds indoors, in flats, in late winter. The seeds are tiny and very slow to germinate. Thin seedlings into progressively larger pots until spring, then harden off the plants before setting into the garden after the danger of frost has passed.

Care: Plants do not produce runners so they can be planted anywhere in the garden. Pick fruits as they ripen, can be grown as a perennial or as a hardy annual.

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