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  • Rutabaga - Laurentian Swede (1935) (Heirloom Variety)

Rutabaga - Laurentian Swede (1935) (Heirloom Variety)

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Pkt (≈ 500 seeds)
25g (≈ 9000 seeds)

Deep purplish top and smooth roots with yellow flesh. Harvest after first frost. Wax for storage. Use roots raw in salads and dips, or cooked. Prepare greens by steaming.

  • Seed Depth: 1/4" (6mm)
  • Seed Spacing: 2" (5cm)
  • Row Spacing: 18" (45cm)
  • Days to Sprout: 7-14
  • Plant Spacing: 6-8" (15-20cm)
  • Days to Maturity: 90

Plant: For best flavor time plants to develop during cool weather. Plants are frost tolerant. Direct seed in early spring. (cover 1/4" and again in late summer, in early fall cover 1/2").

Care: Water regularly and fertilize when 4" (10cm) tall. Use thinnings as greens.

Harvest: Pick tender leaves as needed. Pull roots between 2-3" (5-7.5cm) diameter.

Your Health: Supply some vitamins and minerals.