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Rapid Ready Beet Pulp

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20kg - shredded. Sets up in under 15 minutes. 


To soak beet pulp, place the shreds or pellets in a bucket and add twice as much water as pellets. You can use cool or warm water; some people feel it soaks a little more quickly using warm, but be careful not to use water so hot that you cook the beet pulp, because that will destroy most of the nutrients it contains. Let the bucket sit, and when it is ready the beet pulp should have soaked up all of the water, increased in volume to fill the bucket, and be light and fluffy in consistency. (If you use beet pulp pellets, it's easy to tell whether it has been soaked sufficiently, because there will be nothing left that resembles a pellet.) It's not necessary to soak it overnight. If you have extra water, don't worry; you can always drain it off before you feed, or you can feed the beet pulp on the "sloppy" side.

Watch or mixing video here

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