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  • Steel Dog Bison Toy

Steel Dog Bison Toy

  • Product Code: 273-54353
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  • $18.99

Bumpies features:

  • Features for Days—a multi-faceted toy that will keep your dog entertained for hours!
  • Two-for-One—a tennis ball and rope wait inside for more fun for later!
  • Heavy-Duty Seam—make your dog work for it!
  • Chew-O-Meter Rating—each toy is rated on a gentle to tough scale so you know how long it will last for your dog!

Product Description:

This bison may not bring traffic to a dead halt like in the Badlands, but he is stubborn enough to put up a fight with your dog! This well-built bison, with his soft hide, has a tennis ball head, rope body, crinkled paws, and a squeaker to excite, will be roaming around your house. Each plush includes a Chew-O-Meter rating, ranging from gentle to tough, so you know just how well it will stand up to your dog. Even if the seams don’t hold, no worries, two more toys are featured inside!