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Pkt (≈ 70 seeds)
125g (≈ 450 seeds)
250g (≈ 900 seeds)

Pods harvested and eaten before peas develop. Stringless. Height 16” with 2 ½” pods. One of the most popular home garden vegetables, peas grow best in cool weather. Young pea plants tolerate considerable cold, even light frost; so spring plantings are seldom harmed by cold weather.Shelled out fresh peas have a sweet, delicate flavor. May be frozen, canned, or served fresh.

  • Seed Depth: 3/4" (3cm)
  • Seed Spacing:1-1.5" (3-4cm)
  • Row Spacing:30-36" (76-91cm)
  • Days to Sprout: 7-15
  • Plant Spacing: Do not thin, keep at 1-1.5" apart.
  • Days to Maturity: 60

Plant: Select a sunny location and plant in very early spring as soon as soil can be worked. Cultivate soil and enrich with vegetable food and organic matter. Continue planting at 2 week intervals until mid-spring. Plant again in late summer to late fall crop. Firm soil over seed.

Care: Provide support for tall growing varieties. Water by soaking soil to reduce danger of disease.

Harvest: Pick while still bright green. Hold vine while picking to avoid tearing.

Your Health: A good source of minerals and vitamins A, B1, B2, Niacin and C.