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Root Pouch

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Root Pouch is the perfect growing bag for a variety of plants! 

 Root Pouch encourages more sustainable gardening practices, with a lightweight, flexible, breathable plant pot made entirely from recycled materials. Root Pouch containers are made of a unique, fabric-like geotextile created from reclaimed plastic fibers and recycled natural materials. As well as being a more environmentally sound option, our plant pots are also more lightweight, encourage healthier root growth and are much less expensive than ordinary plastic pots. As the plant matures, the geotextile fabric breaks down, allowing the plant to take root in its natural environment.  * - Better than black plastic * - Boosts plant growth and yields * - Fabric allows roots to breath * - Prevents roots from circling * - Pots are washable and last for multiple seasons * - Keeps plants warmer in winter & cooler in summer * - Pot allows plant to be placed outside quicker * - Saves up to a week off vegetative growth cycle * - Can be used with drip systems, overheads & hydroponic flood trays