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Catit Fresh and Clean Drinking Fountain

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Catit Design Fresh and Clear Cat Drinking Fountain allows fresh water to continuously run, which helps make water drinking fun for cats in the household.

Thanks to the constant supply of fresh water in the household, you can protect your cats from certain urinary diseases. The fountain can hold up to 100 oz of water.

This pet drinking fountain has an elevated style designed to let cats drink comfortably since they do not have to bend over to enjoy fresh water. Freshwater bubbles up at the center hole. Using a multi-stage filtration system, pet cats will surely enjoy clean and fresh water since it always gets filtered.

The filters also function as a screen, preventing cat hair and other debris from getting in contact with the water. Separate filters are sold if the replacement filter has already been used up.

Replacement of cartridge filter should be scheduled once a week if you have multiple cats. In case of a single pet cat, cartridge filter can be replaced once a month. The Hagen Catit Design Fresh Pet Drinking Fountain is ideal not just for cats but also to small dogs. Once this pet drinking fountain runs out of the water, it creates a noise indicating that the water level is low so you need to refill it.

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