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Altus Insecticide

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This product is liquid therefore cannot be shipped via Canada Post**This product cannot be shipped outside of Saskatchewan.

Altus provides systemic, broad-spectrum control of aphids, whiteflies and leafhoppers with flexible spray or drench applications.


• New foundational chemistry for managing whiteflies, aphids and leafhoppers.

• Can be used in conjunction with IPM programs including many beneficials.

• Greenhouse vegetables, greenhouse ornamentals and outdoor ornamentals.

• Greenhouse vegetables including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce.


• Compatible with many beneficials. • New, unique insecticide from butenolide class of chemistry.

• Systemic and translaminar protection of existing and new plant growth.

• Control of many sucking pests including whiteflies, aphids and leafhoppers.

Available in 2 L

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