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  • Garden Pro Evergreen 14-7-14 Fertilizer,

Garden Pro Evergreen 14-7-14 Fertilizer,

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  • About GardenPRO®

    GardenPRO® is TerraLink’s original brand for home & garden products. GardenPRO®

    products are manufactured locally in TerraLink’s 100% Canadian owned manufacturing plant.

    They have been tailor-made to satisfy the high demands of even the most discerning homeowners and garden enthusiasts.


    with Kelp &

    40% stabilized nitrogen for continuous feeding

Directions for use:

Shrubs: Mix into soil at 113g (1/2 cup) for each meter (3ft) of plant height. Apply during early spring and repeat every 6-8 weeks until early August. 

Deciduous & Evergreen Trees: In spring or fall mix into soil 227g (1 cup) for every 3cm (1in) of trunk diameter. 

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