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Pkt (≈ 500 seeds)

Peppery-tasting watercress is a semi-aquatic, creeping perennial whose leaves are popular in salads, sandwiches, and as a garnish. Plants grow rapidly in running streams and wet places in the garden, but require some shade in warm inland areas. Plants can also be grown in pots of soil placed in a tub of water; change water weekly by running a hose in tub. Plants from 10-15"/25-38cm.

  • Seed Depth: 1/8" (3mm)
  • Seed Spacing: Scatter
  • Row Spacing: No rows
  • Days to Sprout: 5-10
  • Days to Maturity: 50

Plant: Scatter seeds against muddy banks or start in flats or pots and transplant as seedlings to moist areas, banks of running water, where they will grow rapidly. Plants grow indefinitely until freezing weather. Sow seeds every 3 weeks in warmer weather for sweet young plants.

Care: Keep soil moist, pinch tops at first to encourage fuller growth. Pinch off flowers when they appear as they give leaves bitter taste. Fertilize monthly.

Harvest: Harvest from tips after 2-3 weeks.

Your Health: Leaves are vitamin rich.