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Alfalfa/Timothy Cubes

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Mixed Alfalfa(60%)/Timothy(40%)

50lb Bags

1 3/4" Cubes

60% Alfalfa & 40% Timothy, blended, dehydrated, and cubed to preserve nutrients and prevent mold & dust. A consistent, convenient forage replacement or supplement, suitable for lower protein rations. Packaged in 50 lb bags.

                    Crude Protein:  (Min) 12%

                    Crude Fiber:     (Max) 32%

TEN                    Crude Fat:        (Min)  1.8%

                    Moisture:          (Max) 12%             

INGREDIENTS: Alfalfa Hay; Timothy Hay           


All horses; goats; sheep; camels; deer; elk; and other species as a forage replacement or supplement. Lower protein makes a great fit for any ration.   

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