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Bug Out Garden Screen

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Size: 6.5' x 20'

“Bug Out” Garden Insect Screen is specially designed to protect against even the smallest insects. The fine mesh adequately controls bugs while also preventing birds, deer and other pests from having access to your hard work. (Please note it does not trap heat. See Crop Cover for thermal regulating covers).  For suggestions and more information, please see the product description below.

  • Rachel-knit HDPE
  • Clear with a green tint
  •  .0394″ x .0335″ mesh
  • 80% porosity
  • 82% light transmission (18% shade quality)
  • Lightweight .295 oz/sq ft
  • Cuts with scissors without unraveling
  • UV stabilized
  • Life expectancy of 7+ years

Protect your Organic Garden from marauding insects, including cabbage and carrot fly, beetles, wasps, as well as birds, deer and other pests, while allowing excellent air flow. “Bug Out” Garden Insect Screen does not trap heat like floating row covers, (Crop Cover). Flexible, yet strong, “Bug Out” can be draped over hoops, Poly Line, or simply laid loosely over plants immediately after planting. Be sure to secure the edges by burying, weighing down or using Fabric Staples.