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Ornamental Corn

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Pkt (≈ 50 seeds)

Here's a different cord: a non-edible variety that offers large cobs in a variety of interesting colors. The rich color tones of the ears make them perfect for Autumn decorations. Combined with greens or dried foliage they make attractive center pieces or cluster arrangements.

  • Seed Depth: 1" (2cm)
  • Seed Spacing: 4-6" (10-15cm)
  • Row Spacing: 30-36" (75-90cm)
  • Days to Sprout: 5-10
  • Plant Spacing: 6-12" (15-30cm)
  • Days to Maturity: 92

Plant: Sow seeds in spring in a sunny location in loose, fertile soil after the weather has warmed. To aid in pollination, plant in short rows rather than a long single one.

Care: Water generously and fertilize when plants are 12-18" (30-45cm) tall.

Harvest: When mature in late summer, cut and store in a dry place.