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The idea of using charcoal in agricultural applications is both old and new.  The Maya added charcoal to their fields over two thousand years ago, and according to research by Cornell University published in the journal Nature (August 2006) these fields still produce higher yields. In some cases, up to 600% higher productivity than neighbouring untreated soils.

Poor soils benefit from the addition of charcoal, as the porous structure gives bacteria a place to live, like a complex city within the soil.  One gram of carbon can have a surface area over 200 m  , and can reach the size of a tennis court.

As the biological life of the soil increases, so does the nutrient content and its ability to grow plants.  The carbon also helps add body to soils with heavy clay, absorb salts and capture water near the plants roots where it does most good.

Backyard gardeners can add carbon to their soils and reap the same rewards. Beneficial soil bacteria must move into the carbon and multiply there, making long-term improvements to the soil.  The poorer the soil, the more positive impact adding carbon will have. It is also a good idea to add carbon to a backyard composter for two reasons: first, it can help absorb liquid in wet compost and reduce the odor of decay that often plagues an unbalanced composter.  Second, the bacteria in the compost “charges” the carbon, essentially infusing it with bacteria much more quickly than it would normally take by adding it directly to garden soil. 

We see carbon as a soil body-builder.  It ultimately adds invisible space and dimension to soil, giving microorganisms a place to live and water a place to collect.

Mayan Gold is already a proven product that has been tested and verified in studies at the University of Saskatchewan that showed increased plant growth in poor or contaminated soils.

The CFIA  approved Mayan Gold for agricultural use in September, 2017.

Available in a 7.6L Pail and 1L Pail and NEW 40L

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