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Quench Lyte Equine Electrolytes

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Quench Lyte is an electrolyte and trace mineral supplement for deficiencies in horses to aid in the prevention of dehydration and electrolyte depletion associated with stress conditions.

  • Quench Lyte may be administered in the horses feed or drinking water. Locate scoop inside package. One scoop equals 28grams. 450Kg Horses: 300 grams (10 3/4 scoops) per 480 litters of drinking water, or 56 gms (2 scoops) in the horse’s daily feed ration in place of regular salt (Individual treatment), as long as recommended by a veterinarian.
  • Prepare fresh solutions daily
  • 450Kg Horses: 300 grams (10 3/4 scoops)
  • RASPBERRY FLAVOURED Potassium Chloride 11.4% Sodium Chloride 32% Calcium Lactate 8.2% Magnesium Chloride 1.57% Manganese Sulfate 0.46% Zinc Sulfate 0.66% Iron Sulfate 0.5% Copper Sulfate 0.3% Cobalt Sulfate 0.007%
  • 2.27kg pail