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  • Tri-Tel Pole 15'

Tri-Tel Pole 15'

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  • $124.99

Made specifically for S&K Purple Martin Houses, 15ft Tri-Tel Pole (TTP) is exactly what you need to compliment your birding area. When fully extended, it stands 15 feet tall! But its lightweight construction makes it easy to raise and lower any time of the year! Best of all, the 15ft Tri-Tel Pole (TTP) has multiple uses! With the S&K Plastic Sleeve, you can move your 15ft Tri-Tel Pole (TTP) from the front yard to the back yard any time you wish! There’s never been a pole like it! This multi-purpose pole can be used for hanging seasonal lights, a flag pole, your purple martin house, gourds, even as volleyball poles! The 15ft Tri-Tel Pole (TTP) has so many uses, you’ll wonder what you did before you owned one.

*Large item-does not ship well. Call for custom quote to ship.

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