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The Groomer's Stone

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If you love your horse, cat or dog and love the earth you will love Groomer's Stone. Groomer's Stone gently yet effectively removes shedding hair, mud, bugs, burs, Bot eggs and dander while thoroughly massaging your horse, cat or dog. Unlike most grooming tools with harsh penetrating teeth, Groomer's Stone uses a unique and gentle surface action that grabs loose hair by the tips and never touches your animals's sensitive skin. Your horse, cat or dog will think she is being massaged at the spa while the loose hair leaves and her natural oils and shine come up.

Chris Andersen, inventor and founder of AMV has been developing products from recycled glass since 1992. Andersen's patented technology takes discarded bottles and jars, breaks them down to a powder then remelts and foams them to make the lightweight Groomer's Stone. "When people first touch a Groomer's Stone they rarely believe it is glass. It sure doesn't look or feel like glass but the millions of hair scale edges on its surface remove shedding hair like magic and under normal daily use you will never wear it out." Making products from recycled glass not only creates new uses for a material that would normally find its way to the landfill but also saves a lot of energy compared to making them from new glass. The best thing about the Groomer's Stone though is how well it works.