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  • Earthway Deluxe Tow Broadcast Spreader

Earthway Deluxe Tow Broadcast Spreader

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Designed with today’s garden tractor owner in mind, the deluxe broadcast spreader is the most economical tow spreader on the market today. The rustproof 80lb/36kg capacity poly hopper and 10”/25cm deep lug wheels brings high performance spreading to the homeowner. The wide footprint gives stability when towed over the lawn. This semi-assembled spreader will be ready to go from box to lawn in minutes. Equipped with EV-N-SPRED®3-Hole Drop Shut-Off System, the deluxe broadcast spreader will have a balanced spread of any granular material. A Rate Calculation Matrix is included to assist is setting for all of today’s granular products including organic materials. You’ll find this so easy to operate that you may offer to do your neighbor’s yard (or not).