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  • Future Harvest - Bud Start 0-2-1

Future Harvest - Bud Start 0-2-1

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*This product is a liquid, therefore it cannot be sent through Canada Post*

Kickstart Your Plants' Bloom Cycle

Introducing Bud Start, the ultimate early flower enhancer designed to kickstart your plants' bloom cycle. By delivering a powerful dose of phosphorus and potassium, Bud Start provides your plants with the nutrients they need to start bulking up and reach their full potential.

Maximize Your Yields

Bud Start is essential for growers looking to maximize their yields. As your plants transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage, this bloom booster helps them gain weight and speed up flower development, resulting in stickier, denser buds.

Visible Results

Using Bud Start in your grow tent will lead to an increased size and amount of new flower sites on your fruiting crops, causing them to expand and elongate. This early phosphorous and potassium boost not only speeds up the start of flowering but also has a positive effect on crop finishing times.


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