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  • Future Harvest - Royal Black Humic Acid 0-0-1

Future Harvest - Royal Black Humic Acid 0-0-1

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The Premier Organic Humic Supplement

Royal Black is OMRI Listed for Organic Use.

Introducing Royal Black, the organic humic supplement designed to enhance your plant's growth naturally. Often, growers ask, "What is humic acid?" Humic acid is a vital component that assists in chelating essential nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, and iron, ensuring they're readily available to your plants.

Royal Black, enriched with humic acid for plants, ensures that your plants receive these nutrients more efficiently. It acts as a soil conditioner, revitalizing the soil and coco, and ensuring that your plants have the best environment for growth.

Beyond mere nutrient transportation, Royal Black also stimulates root and enzymatic functions, bolsters seedling and clone vitality, and optimizes nutrient and vitamin utilization.

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