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  • Future Harvest - Prop-O-Gator 0-3-2

Future Harvest - Prop-O-Gator 0-3-2

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Unlock Vigorous Root Growth with Prop-O-Gator

Step into a new era of root stimulation with Future Harvest's Prop-O-Gator. As a plant food specifically tailored for roots, Prop-O-Gator offers an all-in-one solution combining both a root stimulator and fertilizing agent. This unique fusion ensures that your cuttings and clones get the best start possible, fostering strong root growth and preparing plants for seamless transplanting.

Roots lay the foundation for a plant's health, and with Prop-O-Gator, you're ensuring that this foundation is as strong as it can be. Experience the transformative power of a root growth enhancer that not only stimulates but also nourishes.

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