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  • Future Harvest - Royal Gold Fulvic Acid 0-1-0

Future Harvest - Royal Gold Fulvic Acid 0-1-0

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Unlock the Power of Fulvic Acid with Royal Gold

Royal Gold isn't just another plant additive; it's a transformational tool for your plants. Enriched with the natural benefits of Fulvic acid, this powerful supplement amplifies nutrient uptake, ensuring your plants derive maximum value from the fertilizers you provide. Think of Royal Gold as a digestion aid, reshaping fertilizer salts at the molecular level to make them more bioavailable.

Apart from optimizing nutrient absorption, Royal Gold functions as a detox for your plants, cleansing waste and enhancing the overall taste of the produce. Its remarkable properties also assist plants during droughts or under-watering situations, fortifying them against temperature stresses, a frequent challenge for indoor crops.


With Royal Gold, your plants not only recover faster from under-watering due to heightened enzyme and antioxidant activity but also exhibit improved growth and quality, even when well-watered.

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